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Subholding Gas Kikis Keberadaan Trader yang Tak Punya Pipa
May 24, 2018
FGD (Focus Group Discussion)
May 28, 2018

IndoPIPE 2018


IndoPIPE 2018 is a bi-annual conference for oil and gas industry executives and gas infrastructure and pipeline professionals involved in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of gas infrastructure and pipelines, to share best international practices and the latest techniques as well as updates on new technology research, development, and applications in gas infrastructure and integrity management.

The conference will explore topics relevant to all aspects of gas infrastructure design and construction, operations, maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement. Learn from leading international gas infrastructure operators as they present case studies of major projects worldwide and share their knowledge and experience on risk-based strategies for asset management, evaluating gas infrastructure and pipeline integrity, managing operational problems, pipeline cleaning and coating, and rehabilitation processes and procedures.
• National Gas Infrastructure Development
• PGN Strategy for Domestic LNG Utilization
• Advantage by Integrating National Gas Companies (Holding Migas) to Sustain Economic Growth
• Mapping of Gas Demand for Electrical Power & Industry

Regulation Session
• New Regulation Permen No.18/2018

Panel Discussions
• Challenge and Opportunities the implementation of the National master plan for Gas Infrastructure
• Industrial support for National Gas Industry Development
• Financing for Gas Infrastructure Project in Indonesia

Technical Sessions
• Coating properties, cathodic protection, corrosion
• Asset Management
• Gas Safety
• CNG station standard
• Pipeline station standard


For  further information
Please contact the IndoPIPE 2018 Secretariat:
T: +62 21 8378 3757, F: +62 21 8378 1126, E: indopipe.committee@i-eec.com

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